Friday Round Up

A message from the Highland Council about parental engagement. I will explain more about how we will be keeping you informed in our way next week:

Parental engagement/evening update:

As an Authority we are working with our schools to ensure they feel supported in a time of great uncertainty. The Health and Wellbeing of our staff is paramount right now. Parental engagement is key. However, many factors need to be taken into account this year where face to face consultation is not possible.

Following consultation with union representatives, it has been agreed that Highland Council will proceed with a small number of schools to take part of a virtual parent engagement/evening trial. This is to make sure that a preferred system/platform works well and that there are no issues from either school or parent perspective. A mixture of primary and secondary schools in Mid, South and West areas have agreed to take part in this trial throughout November.

Once this trial has been completed further engagement with Head Teachers, parents and Unions will take place, with a decision made in how to move forward with virtual parental engagement. The timing of this pilot may mean that  this type of school engagement may not take place until  term 3.

Schools will have different approaches to parental engagement and these will vary between schools. This decision lies with the individual school and is supported by Local Authority.

Lunch Money

Can lunch money be paid at the beginning of the week and put in an envelope with the days on the front marked, please? The less kitchen staff handle money, the more time they have to prepare food and help children cutting up their food, etc. Thank you for this.

Children in Need

Yet again Smithton community rises to the occasion. £500 raised! Thank you all so much indeed. All week the classes have been looking at rights, responsibilities and the school revised values and vision. In amongst this P3 NS created puppet shows all by themselves with the theme of pirates and thinking of others. Have a watch by clicking on the links below:

Here are a few photos from this week. Pirates, substance awareness training in classes and star wards. Thank you once again for all your donations and everyone’s hard work this week.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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