Friday Activities

Let me start with an apology – I forgot to thank you all so much for the money you raised for the Poppy Haig Fund – £200! We really appreciate times are hard for lots of us so thank you for digging deep.

With it being Children in Need this week we agreed to a ‘dress up’ day tomorrow where we can come as pirates. It would be lovely if you can dig again and find a few coins for children in need. I know MFR Cash for Kids gets help from them so we know that the money raised comes home as well as across the country. As with the poppy money, if you can put it in an envelope it will be easier at the moment.

Next Friday we have a walk for parents, carers and the community to meet each other if you are new or just needing some adult conversation. It has been risk assessed and is safe for us to walk together. Don’t be shy – come along and get to know each other.

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