In Remembrance

School and Nursery showed respect this morning for those who lost their lives in the great wars, those who have been in combat since and to those who are injured. We remembered and discussed at age appropriate levels. Here are some photos and poems. Please talk with your children at home tonight about any family connections or your own thoughts.

There the bodies lay so lifeless and grey

Ready set fire and there they lay

Ending it all as we fall

Never to mention the great big fall

Chapels in the air flying over there

Happy as thin transparent air

By Dexter Mackintosh 

The Reason Poppies Are So Red.            Charlie MacIver  

Soldiers big and small. 

ending it all 

they go to bed and dont wake up

 but are always 



Loved ones dead

All hope lost

But we do have peace 

Thanking the soldier who fought in war

Thanking them! 

To live 

For tomorrow.

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