Friday Round Up and Monday Bits and Pieces

Star Awards and celebrating learning from last week – and incredibly all our nursery children have got into the routine of eating together in the school canteen each day! Canteen and early years staff are doing an amazing job of keeping the hall calm. I’ve included a few photos of the children playing outside in the new nursery room called ‘The Cabin’

Kayleigh wore her late grandfather’s medals to the Cavell Centre yesterday to mark Remembrance Sunday. There’s still time to donate for a poppy at school. We will be holding a short remembering time on 11th in each classroom.

This is our updated vision and values diagram. You will see the vision in the middle. Next layer out is our shared values, which haven’t changed. Next layer out is a summary of all class commitment: Ready, Respectful, Safe. Our young people were asked what they thought this meant so the next layer out is their summary. The three outer layers are national expectations: Getting it Right for Every Child, Curriculum for Excellence and United Nations expectations for children across the world.

As we head for Children In Need day on Friday (remember, if you want to dress up as a pirate you will be welcome but it’s not compulsory for those who would prefer to keep to school uniform) all classes this week will be focusing on our renewed vision and values and will be looking at what this means for their rights – and their responsibilities in class, in school, in the community and for life.

I can confirm that photographs will go ahead as planned! Also we have book an online pantomime. We are waiting for final Highland Council planning around parents’ nights, etc. I’m conscious that we would normally have had a ‘stay and play’ nursery session, ‘visit the class’ in school and also one to one parents nights by now. We’re keen to engage with you but we need to make sure we can do it safely for staff, parents and young people.

Have a good week ahead,

Aileen Mackay, HT

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