Star Awards, Photos and Children in Need

Morning. I had hoped to update you on latest COVID-19 details from Scottish Government and what this means to Smithton but the council has told us to wait until they have issued guidance to us so I will send on as soon as possible after it is given to me and I have digested the information with the staff. Apologies for not sending this on Friday as usual – I was holding off to see if there were updates over the weekend.

Couple of dates for your diary: school photos – we’re restricted to individual photos only and not family ones, apologies, but they will take place: school 18th November; ELC 27th November. 13th November we will be dressing up as pirates, if your child wants to and any donations for Children in Need should come in an envelope or wrapped in paper, sealed with tape. We’ve chosen the pirate theme as the new nursery room’s name is ‘The Cabin’ with a pirate theme and we thought it would be nice to celebrate the expansion of the nursery provision. More details to come but just to give you a heads up for costume for a fortnight’s time.

Well done to our Star Award winners in the slideshow below. You amaze me weekly on how you are all striving to do your best. You’ll also see some photos of the Rotary Club and our Making a Difference Enterprise group (MADE) as they were planting bulbs of the theme the group came up with – ‘Rising Stars’ which will bloom in the spring. For those of you who have been part of the school for a while you may recall that we planted daffodil bulbs and had a world record but with the new build many of the bulbs had to go. We’re hoping to get the grounds reshaped this school session so that the outside reflects the beautiful school building. What really counts, of course, is the school community and not the building or grounds and we strive to help you enable your children to grow and see the potential in our rising stars.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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