Meal times with ELC

At Smithton ELC we recognise the importance of mealtimes and this is a large part of learning that takes place. Children enjoy the independence from pouring their own drinks to spreading their own toast. We also enjoy opportunities to try new food, recently some of the children became very interested in the story; The Hungry Caterpillar. Along with trying different fruits the children also tried salami and pickles just like The Hungry Caterpillar.

After the October break all nursery children will be going to the lunch hall for lunch. Their key worker will take them and sit with them during lunch. All nursery children can now receive a free school lunch. Please find the 4-week menu here. file:///C:/Users/STUARTL3/Downloads/Aug_2020_Temporary_Early_Years__hot_and_ccold_lunch_options_dates_to_Dec%20(1).pdf

Your child’s key worker will ask your child on a daily basis if they would like the hot option or the sandwich option or if they have brought a packed lunch. We will no longer be requesting the information from parents. The children will have a pictorial menu to help them to choose.

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