End of Term Round Up

‘Jimmy The Janny’ (Mr Johnstone to you and me) has been borrowed from Duncan Forbes for a wee while as Mr Aitchison is away for a few weeks. If you see him around the school please give him a warm welcome.

Letter from Highland Council to Parents

See the gallery below of Star Award Winners (two brothers both won this week – touching moment when they congratulated each other in the corridor!), problem solving outside, Outdoor Explorers T shirt winner, Robyn, bee houses(!) and many more learning occasions.

It’s been a tough term as we all know and there’s no end in sight for this pandemic however, working together, looking out for each other and listening to each other has never been more needed. While I aim to take days off in the holidays (yay – no construction work getting done – for the first holiday in 12 years here!) please don’t hesitate to email me should you need anything and I will be in touch.

Stay safe and keep looking out for each other.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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