Autumn is Coming!

Please note that only 5 families can take up this opportunity so please get in there quickly! We are the only school to have this opportunity so hopefully it will be a success. Note that it’s the last Friday of the holidays and should have adult family members as well as the young people.

As you know, there is no school and nursery walk in the woods this year as the COVID-19 restrictions will make it too difficult. However as a staff we have come up with a family walk in the woods/on the beach activity grid – click here. Feel free to use this and if you can complete many or all of the tasks do let your child’s teacher know via Dojo first day back after the holidays and I will issue certificates to all families that have managed to do the activities.

We have a number of unclaimed school jumpers at the moment. I will be getting them washed and ready for our second hand sale rail after the October holidays unless they find homes….The Community Room will have a ‘sale rail’ of jumpers after October and we will be looking for donations for school funds. Reuse, recycle! Thanks to all those who have given school clothes that your wee ones have grown out of. Remember, too, that when it gets a bit colder we will still have to have full ventilation in the rooms so your children should come to school with layers on and a scarf, if they want to.

As the weather changes with the seasons we may need to review our no indoor shoes protocol. Can I urge you to check, particularly with the younger ones, that they can take off their shoes and put on their indoors by themselves? It would be helpful if you could make a game of it over the holidays to see how quickly they can do this! This will mean staff don’t need to be fixing shoes and being too close regularly with the children.

Star Awards from Friday – it’s such a privilege to see the children doing so well – with or without star awards! Have a good week,

Aileen Mackay, HT

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