That Friday Feeling….

….and it’s Saturday before you will be reading this as I continue to have tech difficulties! I remain patient and calm despite the issues…

Early Years and Nursery

Please note another change to the timetable for you, your children and staff to get used to! You will be aware that we should have been able to offer 30 hours free childcare from August but the Council was unable to allow us to do this at the time. COVID-19 then frustrated us further and we had to offer an interim timetable August – September. We thought the new timetable earlier this month was the one to keep us going all year…and then we have been told that we can offer 30 hours to all existing children as soon as possible! Realistically we will have to start after the October holidays with this but Mrs Stuart has been working hard to get everything right for your children (there are no post its left in Inverness I fear…!) as we need to get lunch tables ordered, timetables for staff, new staff to be appointed, your children matched with staff, etc. The core hours will be 9am – 3pm including a free lunch in the short term until new staff can be appointed. If you need hours before 9am or after 3pm in the short term please contact Mrs Stuart as we have contingency planning ready. A thank you to Councilor Trish Robertson who has fought for families in our area to get this provision. Mrs Stuart will be in touch directly with families next week.

Face Masks, 2m Physical Distancing and Class Ventilation

If possible, a gentle reminder to keep your distance as adults when you can in the playground and to wear a mask when you can’t. You may have seen my mask – an old school sweatshirt chopped up! It was a nightmare in the heat but now it’s turning more chilly it’s more pleasant to wear…

Please note that we will continue to keep up the ventilation protocol in the school despite the change in the season. The adults will feel it more than the children but if your child wants to wear a scarf inside with their school uniform then that is totally appropriate. Staff will probably be doing the same.

Keep safe and continue to wash hands with your children and following Austin’s video of changing clothes, washing out packed lunch boxes, etc when your child comes home. We will not let this pandemic spoil your child’s chances for education and learning! The new restrictions are difficult. If you feel worried, alone or not sure what to do, we may not have the answers but we are here to listen. Don’t hesitate to be in touch with me directly.

A massive shout out to staff who are humans with feelings and have their own family issues yet remain calm and determined for your children daily through all of this.

A huge round of applause to our wonderful cleaning and catering staff. Cleaners are on the go the whole time they are here – Kim during the day and the rest of the team at the end of the day – stand still long enough and someone will come along and sanitise you! Catering staff have come up with great ways of working so that almost everything looks as ordinary as possible for the children.

Star Awards

Here are the award winners and a few other photos in between from the week showing problem solving, team work and caring for nature. The House Captains led assembly for the first time and were in their white shirts and ties. I have huge confidence in the P7 year group going forward as well as the House Captains.

Have a good weekend,

Aileen Mackay, HT

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