Star Awards, House Captains and P1, P1/2 Info

We are still waiting for clearance to get our extra curricular clubs back up and running, even outdoor ones. While we’re waiting the Outdoor Explorers have updated their website to help families explore the outdoors together. Click here to see the latest information.


See the Star Award winners from last week, tidiest classroom winner – and see Morgan catching up on maths work over the weekend! P5 RJ had a great time watching the spitfire fly overhead to say, ‘Thank you’ to the NHS.


Our House Captains from P7 were leted and then interviewed last week. Here are messages from them:


Innes McConachie

I would like to introduce myself to the P1s so they know who I am and that they can come to me if they need help.  At parents evenings I like helping people and talking to the parents. And the other reason I want to be house captain is because any kid could give up at any but I want them to know if you believe you will achieve.

Sophie Stokes

As a house captain I would first like to help with looking after the primary 1-2 with their learning.

I would like sports day brought back to the school if covid-19 is over.

The little ones  clean up after themselves. P7 and house captain take it in turns to give stickers to those who clean up and design colour stickers to stick on them.

Owen Whitehead

As house captain I would like my roles  to include  helping  with parent meetings (setting it up). I would also like to help the littler ones in and around the playground helping them if they need help or hurt themselves. 

I would like to help with the infant end of the school if the pupils are giving the teachers a hard time.

 I would like to be able to help the teachers within the classrooms as a pupil support by helping the children with their  reading, maths and writing.  


  • Speak loud at assembly 
  • Be a good role model
  • Be a good House captain 
  • Be good at speaking out 
  • Be good at communicating with teachers and pupils 
  • Be good at leading by example 
  • Be good at solving peoples problems In the school 
  • Neatly dressed

Dexter Mackintosh

I see my role as house captain being mainly as a helper, as this can be in different ways.

I want  to help the younger pupils, in and out the playground, and help to set good examples by being a good role model. I also see my role to help to fundraise for the school so we can fix the gazebos and have spare money for equipment and games.

I also see my role as a confident and positive representative of Smithton primary always looking at the brighter side of the situation and respecting the 5 values.

Freddie Hoare

As a house captain I will help the younger children’s ideas and opinions be heard, because it is normally the P6 and P7s who are listened to. I will help with fundraisers to make money in our school. I will also help keep the school safe. 

Charlie MacIver

What I hope to achieve? 

I want to do well in school and to be  known as a responsible house captain when I leave.  I would like to be a good example and visible as a person that will help people.

What I want the role to be? 

 As house captain I think that house captains should always do the 5 values and then if little kids see house captains being positive, honest, caring, respectful and friendly. They hopefully will learn to use the 5 values. 

Layla Campbell

For the house captains role this year I think we should make a special effort to help out with as much as we can at school, especially trying to help bring everyone together during Covid 19 so that no one feels left out in the playground. Also I think we could help fundraise for the school council, it may be challenging but I have a couple of ideas like:

  • Video calling but paying not too much like 50p to watch the ice dunk challenge.
  • Video calling but maybe the boys that play football and girl’s too could have a match and they put money in for how many goals they score, so if Dexter scored a goal then they would all need to pay 1 pound then if he or someone else scored a goal then 2 pound because that is 2 goals scored.
  • Again video calling but paying to watch the children be silent for 10 minutes and i’m sure a lot of people will want to see that.

Aims as house captain:

I would really like the Brodie Panthers to successfully win the house points this year as house captain. 

I want to show the rest of the Brodie Panthers that Innes and myself are proud to be their house captains this year and make them proud of us as their captains.

Play Based Learning in P1 and P1/2

If you are a P1 parent or carer, please join us this evening for a video meeting to catch up on what ‘play based learning’ means and what we are able to do during the restrictions. We want to keep to the Government guidelines but still following our play based approach. It’s frustrating for us when we can’t actually meet you like would have normally at this time of year to show you what the children are learning but please bear with us! If you can, join me at 6.30pm tonight using the code below.



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