Art Gallery in the Sun

Well done, Mrs Tough’s P3 class for bringing some culture to our school! The art work is amazing and the artist notes made me proud.

Do you recognise these scooters? They have been left lying for more than two weeks now. Please come and collect before we take them to a charity shop

HT Learning Summary is available and the focus on helping learning to continue at home.

We had two good days for in service training as a staff and although we couldn’t spend time together in the school we are all getting better at meeting using technology and it’s now almost ‘normal’ to have virtual meetings!

One area that has been affected by the restrictions of COVID-19 is our approach to P1 and P1/2 that we were so excited about. We have had time to think how we can have a ‘half way house’ that gives variety of activities, depth of knowledge for the children yet still follows the Government guidelines to keep us all safe. We will have a video meeting on Monday at 6.30pm and I will explain this a bit further to parents of children in those classes. The video link will come out on Monday but I wanted to give you advanced warning.

Enjoy the lovely Smithton sunshine this evening.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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