Star Award Winners

Congratulations to our Star Award winners this week and to P5 Mrs Mitchell’s class for winning the tidy class area award from the cleaners. You’ll see that not all of the winners’ photos are up – apologies – the rest will come on Monday…a few technical hitches.

On the note of awards, it’s not like me to be lost for words but I was totally taken aback by the staff who put me forward for the national award. It’s very easy to be a dedicated head teacher when you have dedicated staff, young people and an inspiring community around you. This recognition is shared with you all as we continue to strive to keep people and families safe while getting back into the swing of things. I’m truly humbled that many of you took the time to vote but can we leave the mark in history that this award was a combined effort and that we couldn’t have done it without each other? You continue to inspire me as colleagues, young people, parents, carers and the whole community of people here.

Have a good weekend and keep each other safe,

Aileen Mackay, HT

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