Nursery (ELC) Information and School Lunches

Sent from Highland Council central team to all ELCs:

Good morning

Early Learning DD payments were suspended  during the period that there was no ELC childcare due to Covid 19 the last DD payment was collected at the end of March.

The payments will now restart at the end of September and you will be advised by your setting what the new amounts should be.  If you cancelled the payments and your child is still using the service a new DD mandate will be issued detailing the monthly costs.

If you no longer use the service a statement will be issued in due course to advise if they are any outstanding fees which can be paid via the one of payment link

If you have queries of the balance of your account please contact the main school office.

Please note that Mrs Matheson is the person in the office to deal with this but works part time. If in doubt, contact Mrs Stuart, Childcare Manager.

All flexible hours are approved so starting next week, the hours that you requested will go ahead. 

Nursery lunch menu from next week until further notice

School lunch menu from next week until further notice

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