It’s Friday Already!

Time flies when you’re having fun, as the saying goes…and it’s been a full on week at Smithton ELC and school. Around the school this week we have been learning how to write in paragraphs, writing with imagination, symmetry in maths, Mary Queen of Scots, leadership skills, one point perspective in art, focus on handwriting and reading to name but a few areas….and that is how staff are able to assess how well your child is doing. They observe, listen and plan next steps based on what is happening. The young people are getting back in to the swing of assessing their own work and the learning of their peers. It is a joy to come to Smithton with such dedicated learners! Again, staff are so skilled in how they are making the children feel relaxed in the school environment.

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In nursery (ELC) it has been a hive of activity. We can’t believe how well they are following routines and staff have been fully engaged with me this week planning new learning and ensuring your children are learning through play in a stimulating way. I loved this photo of a tree being planted by four of them. I like to think when I’m an old lady (ok – older) still following the Smithton Blog that there will be photos of young people with this tree all grown up around the young learners! It would be good for Skyla, Jack, Riley and Finn to look back to this photo with their children at the nursery remembering the day it was planted by them!


‘This is an oak tree that we helped to plant in the extended garden. Hopefully we will remember Irvin years to come.’

Parent. carer survey letter

This has come from Highland Council and we are being asked to bring it to your attention so that you can feed back on your ‘lockdown experiences’ as a family. Please complete by 11th September. Thank you in advance. (Our weekly surveys gave us so much information to guide us on what we did next for you so thank you once again!)

Physical distancing in the playground and the wearing of masks

A regular plea for all adults to be 2m distance away from other adults and if this is not possible please wear a face mask. There are a few parents who are expressing concern and I’m just giving a gentle reminder. I appreciate how difficult it is to remain 2m away so if it’s easier to keep a face mask in your pocket and put it on for a short while all adults would be much obliged.

A parent has reminded me that 57 years ago today Martin Luther King delivered his famous ‘I have a Dream’ speech. Here is a link to that speech taken from you tube. Might be worth a family discussion about current equality and racial tensions your children might see on TV or the news. ‘Love is stronger than hate’ and ‘don’t pre judge’ are messages that we have been giving out regularly.

Have a good weekend staying safe, following the guidelines and enjoying family and friends where possible.

Aileen Mackay, HT


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