A Few Points

We had some photos from the school yesterday so let’s see some children from the nursery today!

We appreciate the nursery start/end of the session takes a while but it was quicker today than yesterday so hopefully once we get into the routine the time taken will be reduced further. Also when we have all your surveys and can get the flexibility up and running we will have fewer people starting and finishing all at the same time.

You will recall that I have said to try and focus only on what is happening at Smithton as our building and staff are unique to other schools. Similarly, the rules for early years, primary and secondary are all different so what happens at Culloden Academy does not necessarily follow in Smithton e.g. children can change for PE at Smithton as many choose to change in the class and each treehouse has its own set of toilets and there is no need for physical distancing in early years and P1.

Can I take this opportunity to thank parents who have contacted the school to thank us for our organisation and care of individuals. It’s good to know when things are not going well so we can rectify them and just as good to hear when things are going well so we can do more of them!

I want to thank Austin also for taking the time to make this video to help us all with our ‘getting home’ routine.  Please share with your children! Thank you to those who made posters to go round the school, too.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or worries.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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