Update on School Return

This is the latest update, as promised.

This FAQ document from the council was given to us yesterday but I decided to keep it for today when other information was coming to you. FAQs – Parents back to school (20 8 5) (002)

Many thanks to all the parents and carers, staff and local councilor who attended the video meets this week. You can view the presentation here. (Click ‘present’ at the top right hand side when the slides open so you can view the presentation and then you are able to click on the treehouses for more information.)

Catering: a reminder that it will be ‘grab and go’ style packed lunches for the first wee while. Any who have existing dietary requirements that we know of will continue to be catered for – confirmed with Catering Manager. Online dietary request forms and medical forms will be shared on the blog on Monday. Normally we would ask for a signature but if you are in agreement, if an attachment comes using your email address we will take that as a signature in the short term. Please come to the office with your own pen and sign at your convenience but before the end of August.

A reminder that all Smithton children and young people should be in attendance at school from Wednesday 12th August 8.30am or 12 noon start for nursery (ELC) or 9am start for the school. (For those parents who have told us why their children will be absent on Wednesday already, don’t worry – we’ve taken note of your child’s absence.)There will be P7s, as usual for the start of a new year, with signs showing where classes should line up. There will also be non teaching staff available in the playground and at school gates to help you.

Monday 10th August 9.30 – 3.30: last call for any clothes left from last term or work still to be collected can be picked up from the foyer. All will go to second hand shop unless we hear from anyone that can’t make it between those hours.

Have a good weekend, everyone and continue to keep safe and vigilant. See you next week!

Aileen Mackay, HT


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