Return to School Update

It was fairly unanimous in June when I asked if people wanted a phased return to school or straight back in on the 12th so we expect all children to be at school 12th August. However, the Scottish Government has agreed that phased return is permissible so if there are individual families who would rather have a phased return I ask you to email me directly and to put your proposal to me as soon as possible. 18th August all are expected to be back to full time. As the school has plenty of outdoor space and various gate entries to the school there is no need for staggered start or finish times.

Fiona Devlin, Chair of Parent Council and I will be discussing a few issues on Wednesday morning and then she will speak with the rest of the Parent Council during the day. I aim to have video meets available to all parents and carers Wednesday evening and repeated Thursday during the day:

Wednesday 6pm

Thursday 10.30am and 2.30pm

I will summarise our discussions for those who are unable to access the meetings at the end of the week but please remember that things can change very quickly. What I have ready to share should mean that it is easy to scale up or scale down depending on the movement of the virus but nothing is predictable as we all know.

Please continue to take care and stay safe.

Aileen Mackay, HT

2 thoughts on “Return to School Update

  1. Hi,

    What does this mean for the nursery?



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    1. Hi there. You should have received your email or letter with the interim times. You will get an online survey to complete for the hours that you would prefer moving on as we have been given the go ahead to advertise for two more staff. Contact me by email if there is a specific issue for your family circumstances. See you next week!


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