End of ELC/School Year

Mr Aitchison will be here with me next week so we will lay out your children’s belongings either outside or if the weather isn’t dry (as if) in the foyer on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I have set out allocated times for year groups. If you have children in different year groups, please come to the earliest timetabled session and either Mr Aitchison or I will go and collect the rest of your children’s belongings. If you can’t manage at the allocated time, please email me aileen.mackay@highlandschools.net and we’ll fit you into the Thursday section or some other mutually convenient time.


As those who have been on the whole school video meets know, I have clear models ready for going back in August if we are to be at reduced times however I don’t want to put people into a panic at the very time you should be closing screens and relaxing together. If anyone wants to see the dates from August to October should you require forward planning then please email me and I’ll forward on. You will all get copies of your child’s ‘treehouse’ and group days in school by post if we have to go to ‘Plan B’. The Scottish Government has made it clear that if all remains as under control as the virus is at the moment then we have to plan for full return and no restrictions. We’ll wait and see but as I have said before, we won’t know anything until late July/early August. As soon as I can after that, I will start the video meets again and explain how it will all work.

It is with regret that we have to say cheerio to Mrs Carson who was with us in P3 from October until now. She was a real asset to the school and I know her genuine smile was welcomed by her class and all her colleagues.

Muriel, our long standing cook has retired! We will have a celebration for her in the new session – no one gets to leave here quietly after years of service…


This is another person who is leaving us – she has served Highland Council for 44 years. Her name is Shiona Alexander and has been our educational psychologist for many of those years. You may never have met her but there are countless people in education that help class teachers shape the lives of your children and Shiona is one of those. Her advice, support and genuine care for the youngsters in this school has amazed me. Thank you, Shiona, for your dedication to education and for how you have helped so many people and families as well as teachers.

Did you all manage to get through singing, ‘As We Go Now’ in assembly today without tears?! We truly are precious to each other and let that remain as we go forward connected and determined together.

Staff will not be available during the school holidays but if you have any questions, or worries don’t hesitate to contact me. The Family Team is working some of the holidays and I will be in and around work so don’t feel lonely or worried. We all need each other.

From staff to you all: thank you for making our work a pleasure. Your support is invaluable and Smithton is only good when we work together. Forgive us our mistakes over the year, celebrate with us as we celebrate your children and know that, either physically distanced or not – we will be here for your children in August ready and willing to be part of their lives. Please take care.

Aileen Mackay, HT


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