Monday news

Click here: Meeting for P1 parent meeting tonight 6.30pm – 7.30pm

Anyone who has a child starting in P1 are warmly invited to come and ‘meet the staff’ and see the changes that we are proposing.

It’s picnic week this week across the UK! If the weather stays kind, how about a teddy bears’ picnic in your garden as a family or physically distanced with your friends? Send a photo to your classroom…but watch teddy doesn’t eat all the strawberries!

All teachers will be engaging in a video meet with their new classes at some point this week and there will be a timetable for video meets on Thursday so you can say good bye to your teacher and classmates. We will build in a ‘proper’ farewell to your class and teacher early next session, if we are not restricted.

There will be a closing assembly on Thursday morning but our plan is for us to have a ‘proper’ assembly early in the new session, probably a Friday afternoon, so we can really celebrate the nursery children moving into P1 and the P7s moving onto secondary school. We will hand out the awards when we are together so there is a good atmosphere! All nominations for classes have been agreed at staff level so it will be a case of wait and see in late August, assuming there are ‘no restrictions’. A revised plan will take place if we are back to contingency planning.

Please keep looking to the blog for any updates. From now on if there is any news I will put in the heading ‘update’ so that you can search and get all the latest if you can’t remember  what the update said…I don’t know about you but an update seems to only last 5 minutes and then we get a new update…but not always updating on the previous information! I’ll always try to be as brief and succinct as possible.

Aileen Mackay, HT


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