Results of Survey

Model 1 (two consecutive days, changing each week) 82

Model 1 (fixed day per week; one in three Thursdays) 58

Don’t mind 107

Model 1 it is….It should be easy to scale up to two days per group per week if we get the go ahead for 50% if restrictions are lifted somewhat in 8 weeks’ time. Thank you all so much for your contributions.

Next steps most likely from the end of this week,into the last week of term but certainly before August 12th when the children are back:

  • share classes and teachers names with you
  • share the information about where classrooms are, what time your children will be starting and finishing
  • getting a  calendar of dates for each family sent out to you when you will be in school August to October
  • new class teacher to set up new google classroom and hold google meets with you
  • a virtual tour video created when the classrooms are laid out in the way they will be after the holidays
  • signage and one way systems put in place
  • gate up at main entrance
  • fence up outside the nursery (where herras fencing is still in place)
  • answers to questions such as whether the school can be used for keyworker hubs and various others!

It’s all changing so quickly based on medical evidence and we have to keep adapting. Please bear with us as we endeavour to keep your children safe and keep you up to date.

Thank you for your patience.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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