Weekly survey and Star Awards

My IT issues continue and now made worse because I am having to work part time in school, part time at Culloden Academy and part time at home: the Highland Council internet access doesn’t like me doing this! Apologies. If you need to get in touch aileen.mackay@highlandschools.net is the best address to use as it’s linked with my other one so no matter what I will receive an email. If you have not had an answer from me after two days, please resend it to me in case I’ve missed it. I try to respond daily.

This week’s parent survey 

Nursery learning idea…messy play is always good fun!

Mr West will be uploading the art gallery and slides later as I can’t guarantee connections. Have a good weekend when it comes. I know this is tough and we are all beginning to get fed up but keep persevering. I aim to hold an open forum video meet again next week – possibly Monday 6.30-7.30 if I get any more answers by then. If there is no further information I will communicate this and hold a video meet later in the week.

We remain indebted to staff for their dedication to this community and to you as families. They will be in and out of school at scheduled times over the next fortnight preparing for the way ahead in August so there may be less communication during the day. I’ll explain better what we will be doing in preparation next week.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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