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Apologies, all, but my technology has not been working since Friday lunch time and no one can seem to fix the issues – yet! However, I am now back able to use the chrome browser so have access to emails again – please continue to use but my availability is somewhat reduced as I am duty manager in the Culloden Hub 10-2 three days a week, I am in school 8.30 – 2 carrying out risk assessments and I need to travel to and from Inverness also.

I have no budget any more so normal things like sending letters to parents of children coming into P1 have required a work around. Thanks to the Parent Council who are lending us the money to pay for the stamps! I assume at some point we will have a budget again.

This week I am in school limited times as cleaners have to come in when there is no one here and they come from 2.30pm. There is still no FMA on site. My first task is to make sure the school is safe for staff to come and sort out their rooms next week and then how the children will come back safely. I remain dedicated to ensure learning in a safe and relaxed manner in the school. Parent Council had a good meeting last Tuesday night and I said that we would meet tonight with anyone who wanted to join in. Please note that I await answers to key questions myself but I am very happy to take your questions, suggestions or ideas tonight between 6.30pm and 7.30pm. Can I ask you to use this code to enter the meeting: and mute your mic as soon as you come on. Use the chat box on the right hand side to ask any questions.

I’m going to stop writing in case the technology stops working before I press send!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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