It’s Thursday!

Apologies for delay in sending this out today. One of those days…

Nursery activity – more really for parents and carers to observe how their children are learning through play

Weekly parent survey is available. Again, please help us get things right.

Don’t forget to send in your star awards to your child’s teacher for effort and for star cleaner.

Next week we will be having a whole school grid week again to help families reconnect and do things together as well as take a wee breather. Feeling across the school this week is a need for a change up so we’re going to provide you with a music, art, drama week! We know you all have talent and we thought it would be good to collect some of your children’s amazing creativity next week. We aim to have a Smithton Gallery to showcase the children’s expressive arts.

There were one or two children across the whole school that didn’t like the change in routine when we had the health and well being week so class teachers know to provide these children with usual class tasks. The video meets, etc will continue as normal and, we still expect you to send in an emoji to dojo or a hello in the classroom.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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