New Week, New Month!

We always say how much we are missing you but Miss Boyle, Mrs Munro and Mrs McCormack put together a book with audio from all of us to all of you. A number of children and classes have been making these digital books so we thought we’d make one as a staff, too! Enjoy.

Please note: some English schools go back to school this week but Scottish schools don’t even begin to start going back until 11th August. Please do not plan for every child being back 11th August. When we know more we will share with you. You may have seen in the news that teachers ‘are back to school in June’. Well, as you know, we haven’t been away, but we are also still restricted in that we can’t get into the building – not even me. I can appreciate some of you are really anxious about coming back or even starting school. We will do all we can to ease the transition back into school as and when the scientists and the Scottish Government provides the evidence based risk assessments and how best to get everyone back at school.

Finding it hard to understand what the restrictions are at the moment? Have a look at this:

COVID phase 1COVID summary

Staff working hard all day in preparation for the rest of term and the planning for next session. Enjoy the sun and please keep to the restrictions. Stay safe!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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