Friday Round Up

As ever, your comments on the parent survey so far are helpful and insightful as well as encouraging to all staff. This really does make a difference to us, and therefore to your children.

Finley in P7 was inspired by the poem ‘And People Stayed At Home’ by Kitty O’Meara and we wanted to share this with all our Smithton community. Feel free to make up your own one and share with us!

Here 2020
Not for the first time have we found ourselves here
Not for the last time we live in fear
Maybe tomorrow we can change our ways
Working from home isn’t so bad
But working together will restore a life once had
Neighbours pulling together like back in the day
Helping others who can’t find a way
I for one must say
I can’t wait to get out and play
Modern tech has its use
But I for one cant wait to be let loose

Finley Murray
28th May 2020

Flora and Fauna is the theme of Outdoor Explorers this week. Have a look and see what the gang have been up to.

As the weather gets better and the term heads into June we often find that minds are not always as focused as they have been during the school year. Does this sound familiar to you and your family? If so, please remain family focused and any other learning is a bonus! Please just keep registering with your child’s teacher, though every day by sending a dojo or a quick hello on your child’s classroom stream. This just lets us know you are well otherwise one of us will make contact with you. Please help us to prioritise our time by helping you and your child learn or finding good resources or ideas rather than having to disturb you by phoning to check that you are all ok.

We acknowledge that everyone’s mind needs to be healthy. Sometimes we feel down and that’s normal. I sent this poster last year about the same time and it is always worth a revisit:

practical ways to support positive mental health in your child

For the month of June I have to be the Duty Manager for three days at the children’s hub at Culloden Academy which means I will not be available Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and may have a knock on effect for responding to emails and requests. I will continue to keep up as much as possible but please continue to be patient with me.

I’m delighted to say a family in Smithton saw Marta, Layla and Jim cleaning up Smithton Woods after seeing how others had left it in a mess and suggested a school award for today. Well done! This is amazing that you are looking after your local environment so well and doing the right thing for the rest of us so that when we go on our walks we see lovely flora and fauna rather than cans and paper. (See their photos in the slideshow at the end.)

layla and jim

You all have a day off on Monday as it’s in service. That means staff will still be beavering away..actually.. as you have been ‘homeschooling’ maybe you should join in, too?! Don’t worry – just teasing. Have a good day off and trust the weather stays kind.

As always, marvel at these brilliant photos and see how your friends have grown but remember behind every tidy background there is a messy drawer or behind every angelic smile there will have been cross words at some point this week. From your comments it’s clear that so many of you have a good laugh, enjoy spotting yourselves or your friends here so keep them coming!

Have a great weekend, everyone and although restrictions are lifting gently please stay safe, look out for each other and feel the love that we are sending to each and every reader here (safely at 2 metres away, of course).

Aileen Mackay, HT

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