New Week

Apologies for late blog today – one of those days!

Outdoor explorers latest and other club news using this link or go to the ‘school activities and clubs’ section above/by clicking the three lines, depending on whether you are reading this on a laptop, tablet or phone. (Why is life so complicated?!)

HT learning summary available. It’s about life skills and how you can engage your child in every day tasks that are actually helping their learning.

Nursery activity available. It links with the bees subject of Outdoor Explorers.

Wee reminder that there is an in service day next week so all staff will be training together – well virtually – and there will be no work set for your children Monday 1st June.

The Scottish Government set out their expectations for Phase Two and beyond so we are working with the local authority for how this will look. At school level, I will be taking that advice and then coming to Parent Council and all parents (The Parent Forum) and taking your ideas, too. Somehow, the aim is to make sure that if you are working or have more than one child at the school, that we will endeavour to try and coordinate all of this together. It’s better not to worry about ‘what ifs’ at the moment until we have more concrete assurances for going forward.

Until then, continue to stay safe, stay at home and only go out for exercise and essential shopping. It’s tough – we’re all finding it that way but we need to keep to the restrictions so they can be lifted in a safe way. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are anxious about anything. Please take care.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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