Friday Round Up

Thanks again to everyone who has sent in your thoughts through the parent survey – as always really helpful and anything in particular is followed up directly with the parent and child.

Kindness and positive mental health was the national theme this week. This doesn’t mean we need to be smiley and happy all the time – this just isn’t life or reality. However we do need to know when we are feeling low that we have strategies that work. One of the first things that we do when low mood is setting in is retreat from friends and family. Have you noticed someone has gone quiet on social media? Or someone not answering your calls? Keep at it – that person will thank you! Are you that person? Then reach out and speak to someone. Don’t ever feel alone. School staff are here for your children and your family, too. You can contact me at any point and I will call you back to either listen or put you in touch with someone.

This is not meant to trivialise mental health but music can really help. (Be grateful you can’t hear me singing, though!) Did you sing along with the Kindness song today for assembly? Here’s another one: Keep the Blues Away 

(Username: mairi.matheson  Password: Sing-a-song)

Staff continue to care and provide really thoughtful learning for all and I can’t thank them enough for their continued dedication to our community. As we start to understand the First Minister’s briefing from yesterday we are thinking very carefully about what this means for us opening up the school again in August. We will take our lead from the local authority but ultimately we know the building and the area better than anyone so we’re anticipating working together to help get things right for you all as families as well as us as a school team. Please be patient with us as we try to get things right for our new nursery children, our new primary ones and those moving onto secondary school especially. I will send on information as soon as I have it.

Feet up. Relax and enjoy a few photos from this week’s classrooms. Remember – not all children behave all the time, not all homes are clean and tidy all the time and when people take photos they are showing things at just the right time! If you haven’t had time to send in photos that does not mean you are letting your child down. That means you have been too busy coping with life and keeping everyone going. Please don’t think we are judging anyone on how many photos have been submitted to us. Having said that, it’s lovely to see our young people growing, engaged and  being themselves so a huge thank you for sending into us – it really helps seeing them. Look out for two pictures of staff babies and toddlers reading as well as the young people at Smithton nursery and primary.

Have a screen free weekend – and talk to each other.

Aileen Mackay, HT


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