Friday Round Up

Indoor/Outdoor Explorers update if you haven’t seen it earlier in the week under the ‘school activities and clubs’ tab – squirrels this week! Some of the videos are incredible that the children are producing – what fantastic skills. (I’m convinced Dorothy could be a Blue Peter Presenter…)

Making a Difference Enterprise (MADE) group site is also available for our club – or anyone else who wants to join in. Have a look at what we do on a Friday after school.

This week has been so good in many ways seeing families challenge each other and having fun together. Thanks so much to everyone who has been able to take part – despite the chill in the air! (Typical Smithton sports week weather..!)

Alfie in P7 has been doing regular live workouts leading his peers – I could only manage to join in today but it was certainly a workout! There is a photo in the following slides of  a screenshot of him leading us all live…

Austin has been following in Alfie’s footsteps but created videos rather than live sessions. Hopefully you can open this link and feel free to have a go! I did have a go but my footballing husband just shook his head at me…I’ll keep practising, Austin!

We head into National Positive Mental Health week next week and I believe the theme is kindness. We need to continue being kind to each other or stop ourselves if we are about to be grumpy, lazy, selfish or unkind! (Not that any of you would be those things.) We appreciate how patient everyone has to be just now with each other and we continue to urge you to stay at home unless exercising or shopping for essentials (needs not wants – see today’s assembly!)If you read the blog yesterday you will know of the amazing kindness and thoughtfulness shown by the Smithton Residents’ Association when they hand delivered a lovely treat for each house. I have had several emails from people suggesting that the team should get a Star Award this week from the school. Lenny, Nikki and your whole team – thank you very much from all the Smithton residents and here’s your star award:

Smithton Residents Star Award

Now grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy a selection of photos from across the school over the week. Stay safe, know you are missed and don’t stress about your children’s learning. Enjoy each other’s company and look after each other. Much love to you all from all the staff.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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