75 Years Since Victory in Europe

7 May 2020 at 20_12

We have a few ideas to keep you going over the weekend to celebrate this public holiday.

A wartime secret (no songs) Mr Speakman wrote this play when he had a P7 class a few years ago. Read through or act out as a family!

We’ve put together a few videos, photos and radio recordings to help all ages have a better understanding of why we have a holiday today. If you make the ‘shortbread’ or manage to do the skipping challenge let us know!

To all those who keep us safe and help us enjoy life, let us renew our thanks and gratitude. Recently we’ve been exposed to so many stories of people giving selflessly from Captain Tom to Smithton Residents’ Association. Lovely stories from our school families where some now have time to sit together for a meal and share their kindness stories from the week as well as times when there are arguments in the home and because we’re confined to our houses we have no option but to resolve the argument, say sorry and move on! We commend those who have fought for us or continue to do so in the armed forces and we commend those who continue to fight for peace across the world. We continue to thank our keyworkers from refuse collectors, those stacking shelves in shops, health care and social care workers and cleaners. We thank nurses, doctors and all the professions that look after our on going health issues.

I know that we have followers here who are friends, grandparents, ex colleagues, ex pupils and interested parties from across the world so we want you to join in our health and well being week next week! All the classes have the family learning grid posted in their classrooms but here is a copy of it for those who just read our blog and website. We’d love to see photos of you all joining in with us next week!

If you’re feeling low in mood please look at the following photos even if you don’t know the children you will see the future generation learning, having fun and making the most of life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay indoors, stay safe, protect the NHS and be kind to each other. Missing all our youngsters but it’s at least good to be able to see and hear each other when we do live teaching or have video chats. Keep communicating!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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