Thursday Routine

Nursery activity has been posted – tap on this link or go straight to the ‘current learning’ ELCC section.

Parent survey for the week – thanks in advance for completing again.

Tomorrow I will post the weekly round up of photos and some ideas for VE Day.  Victory in Europe Day is a public holiday so all staff will be taking the day off. If there is anything urgent please contact me directly

I will also post next week’s learning grid on the blog. A wee change for everyone! We are going to have a whole school grid suitable for nursery right through to parents and carers able to take part. We normally have our sports and health week in May but we’ll need to do this apart this year. As the forecast is pretty good again next week we thought we would bring it forward. Most of the activities are not internet based to give as many of you all a break from screens as possible. More information tomorrow.

Aileen Mackay, HT

3 thoughts on “Thursday Routine

    Hello! Thank for all your support! School work has been great – all going well so far!
    Lucinda – Claudia’s mum – Miss Blair P4. Hope you’re all well!

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