Friday Round Up

Read this lovely story written and created by Innes and mum, Holly, using Book Creator!

Week 2 of outdoor explorers and also Sing and Sign site is available in the ‘School Activities and Clubs’ section or tap here for the link

While you are in a relaxed mood, listen to Luana playing her violin. Keep up the practising all of you who have music tuition. I know the instructors are keen that you are able to set aside time every day as usual.

Parental Survey: Remember it is open all the time so just add comments any time that suits but I look at it on Fridays and Saturdays in particular so that I can share any information to staff on the Monday morning. Couple of things that have been really helpful from this week’s survey so far:

  • if you have more than one child, look at all the grids and see if there is something everyone can do together so your head isn’t minced looking at different grids – it’s ok to just do one task with all of your children
  • take note of the sessions that you want to get done in the week and spread them out over the week – are you expecting to do too much? Then drop something off your list! The grids are there to support and not hinder you and no one is expecting your child to complete the whole grid – pick and mix!
  • someone asked for all the websites, passwords, etc to be in one place to make it easier to access. Great idea. This should hopefully be done by Thursday next week
  • thanks so much for your weekly comments. We appreciate the time you give up to do this as it really does help

As weeks are rolling in to months panic may be setting in about how much your child is losing out on learning. When these feelings come in, let your head take over: when we are back we will be putting in lots of tasks to see what the children need and adapting our teaching accordingly. Keep up the life skills, the family routines and the basics every day that you can. We all appreciate that for working parents your employers are still demanding a full day’s work and this isn’t easy when you have children to keep on task, feed, clothe, etc. Please do not stress yourself or your family. Do what you can. For those who are keyworkers when you come home all you will want to do is relax and spend quality time with your children. That’s ok too!

When you look at the following slide show be conscious that when people are sending in photos they have tidied up first and/or their child happens to behaving impeccably at that moment in time. Like the rest of us, every family has times when there are arguments, work refusers, tech not working, etc so when we see some of the fantastic work that you are all doing let’s celebrate with each other how well young people are doing but remember that no family home is perfect. Keep looking after each other and don’t ever hesitate to be in touch with me if you need anything

Aileen Mackay, HT

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