Thursday Routine

Thank you for your continued commitment to keeping school routines going when you can. The novelty may be beginning to wear off by now….! Keep going. Stay at home unless you need to go out and thank you to all our keyworkers who are either parents, carers or are associated with the school and read our blog.

Nursery page has a new idea for an activity – one for early years but the whole family could get involved either creating the activity for younger ones or for P1, 2 siblings who may like a go as well! Go to the tab ‘Early learning and childcare – current learning or tap here for the link.

Please remember to nominate your child for star award to your child’s teacher for tomorrow and also,  who have been helping in the garden? Nominate them for Garden Tidier! It’s great to see so many of our young people helping out at home.

I am putting out the parent survey here again. Please know it’s valuable to us even if you are saying the same thing each week – it’s really important that we can see if there’s any change in circumstances and as you can see from the grids or how staff have responded, we listen and take on board the changes that we can to make learning easier for you and your child at home.

I don’t think I’ve actually said this but I’ve realised that some of you may have been phoning the school to contact us and getting no reply. That’s because we have been told to stay away from the school. Not even as head teacher can I go in. If you want to speak to someone please contact your child’s teacher or me at my school gmail address and someone will call you back.

Looking forward to seeing the nominations tomorrow after assembly!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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