Video Clips from Last Week

Who needs Netflix? (Other video stations are available..) Sit back and enjoy a couple of videos from last week… We had another few sent to us via SnapChat but unfortunately our administrator won’t allow us to download them onto our computers. You may only get to see the following over the shoulder of your child as it may need a highland schools gmail account…sorry to all our followers who are not Highland Council employees or who live with the youngsters! I’ve made slight progress so here’s hoping I have a better solution for next week..

Brother and Sister rock their moves

Skye tells reads a story to us about a ladybird

Fancy a good joke from P4 SH?

A reminder if you still haven’t received the free school meal vouchers. You need to phone the helpline number – 0300 303 1362 or email You need to have a few things to hand:

  • names and dates of birth for your children
  • your address and email address
  • if you are following up as you have applied and still not been given the voucher, have to hand the date of when the email was sent or who you spoke with on the phone

Also a reminder that if your child receives instrumental tuition they should go into the music classroom and access their lessons there. I know Drew has been setting up video chats with everyone in his drumming team and the others have been trying to get in touch. Make sure you are still practising!

Aileen Mackay, HT


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