We’ll try again with links….Isla’s poem in response to last week’s assembly. I’m still working on the videos but they’re a treat when you get them!

Nursery families: Five weeks into social distancing and spending more time at home you may be beginning to run out of ideas. The Early Years Workers have been making up activities that we know will help you and your child continue learning in a fun way. If your child is coming to P1 don’t be tempted to put a pencil in his/her hand to get writing underway – honestly – it’s better not to. There are plenty of skills you can do to help strengthen their wrists and help with hand/eye coordination that will be far better for your child. Every two or three days I will post one of the ideas under ‘current learning’ in the early years tab above. Here’s the first one!

HT learning summary is available. Over the next few weeks I am posting tips on how to get the most out of your time looking over your child’s shoulder when he/she is working. This week it is about how do you know if your child has finished and questions you can use to extend your child’s learning.

Thanks again for completing the survey. It is really important that you shape what we’re doing so a weekly comment is really helpful. One of the things that you think would make it better is to have the learning grids on a Friday ready for Monday so you are not having to get this ready on a Monday morning. Good point! I have shared with staff so they are hoping to do this as of this Friday. Bear with us if it can’t be done. One other thing was if parents can use a hang out video to speak with the teacher. Can I ask that you don’t just  on the spur of a moment do this? You can imagine if there are 30 people all trying to do this the teacher will never be available for anyone. Best thing to do is to request a conversation and the teacher will get back to you.

Don’t be tempted to meet up or let your children meet up. Stay home unless exercising or getting shopping and keep safe. Missing you all very much.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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