Mid Week Reminders

Hope everyone is well and getting those annoying jobs around the house done now that we’re all staying at home! Don’t be tempted to go out with friends or to meet up – the more we stick to the regulations the more chance we have of beating this virus.
A wee reminder to log in daily to Class Dojo and share what you have been doing through it or via your child’s google classroom/ email account. If you are struggling to use the tech – don’t be embarrassed! Contact me directly and we’ll sort it out. I am currently phoning or emailing people if you haven’t been in touch with us for three days – not to check up on you – but because we care and want to know you are all well. Do not be embarrassed if you haven’t achieved work with your children – just let us know daily that you are well by sending an emoji thumbs up or smiley face if you don’t have time to send us your news or pictures of what you have been up to.

Head Teacher’s Learning Summary with a difference this week…. you’re the ones assessing how they are getting on! A few ideas on a weekly basis.
Finally, this week I hope you are looking out for children in your home that are helping to tidy up and clean your kitchen as a wee change for tidying their bedrooms. I’ll remind you again tomorrow and send the parent survey out, too.
Much love to all our Smithton friends and families wherever you are. Stay safe.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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