Got to Let it Out!

This will cheer you up if you’re feeling blue…Thanks Josie and Molly!

Don’t ever say there isn’t enough variety in the teaching and learning at Smithton Primary. Have a look at this video clip that P7 had on their learning grid. With the mad dash for toilet rolls recently this is topical….

Let me continue to say again – do not feel alone, stressed or anxious about learning with your children. Do what comes naturally and try to enjoy each other’s company. Do not hesitate to contact me for extra support at the moment. The Family Team can help and have set up their first parent group – not too late to ask to be added. I am in close contact with the Smithton Residents’ Association and we’re coordinating things together now for families. I know there are staff who live locally and friends in the community who might want to help with tasks around the area. Call Mrs Robertson on 07756417192 if you can help in any way. Remember to contact me on this email address at the moment and I’ll either reply or phone you back if that’s what is better.

If you have still to complete this week’s survey please do so over the weekend. Thanks to over 50 people who have completed it this week to guide us for next. Comments, suggestions and answers will be fed back to staff so we can continue to ‘tweak’ what we provide.

Many of you are providing photos of your families and it is really cheering us up! Here is a mix of the week. Keep to the guidelines and stay at home and in your garden. Go out for exercise and essential shopping only. Please don’t be tempted to go to a friend’s for coffee or allow your children to play together. Hopefully we’ll beat this together. Sending love to each of you in your homes and to your loved ones.

Aileen Mackay, HT


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