Easter Challenge!


A message from Smithton Residents and Smithton Community Council:

The Smithton Residents and Smithton Community Council are running a joint Easter Egg Hunt. One coloured poster per child up to the age of 16 to be displayed in your window by Sunday morning. For every poster we see we will knock on your door and leave an Easter egg on your doorstep. This is a bit of fun for the kids. Please share with everyone you know who has children in the Smithton area.

This is such a lovely idea  -thank you, Smithton community! As always, putting the young, the old and the vulnerable first in our community.

(As this only counts for half of our pupils can I suggest that if you are outwith the catchment area or live in the Westhill area if you send me a photo of your child with the poster before it is displayed in your window there will be a wee something for you from the school when we get back! aileen.mackay@highland.gov.uk)

Stay safe, protect others by keeping to the recommendations and hope to see you all soon. Teachers will be looking forward to ‘seeing you’ next Tuesday when term starts again, albeit in a very different way from usual.

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