Bits and Pieces

If you know of someone who does not have have access to technology or wi-fi, please help them by emailing me and emailing

A few of the Star Awards, Tidy Bedroom Awards and snapshots of learning this week – look out for Vrackie McKendrick – the dog learning about google slides!

P2 and Mrs Mitchell’s class  slide show

P2 and Mrs Morison’s class slide show

P5 and Mr Jamieson’s class slide show

Lexi’s plant growth is amazing and Mert lost a tooth this week! That’s all the gossip I’m divulging….

There’s no council update today that affects parents and we’re not expecting any over the holidays however I will check in to my emails daily in case anyone needs to get in touch. Please do not feel alone despite everything at the moment.

Your engagement and enthusiasm has been second to none this week. It’s been a huge learning curve for all of us and we will take on board some of your suggestions from the parent survey this week. For those who said there wasn’t enough work please contact your child’s teacher directly after the holidays if this continues and extension work will be given. For those who said it was too much – please do not be anxious. Do not worry in the slightest. Children do not learn if they are under pressure and this is an anxious time for everyone. Don’t ever feel you have to be getting everything done. I have made sure that when we get back we will focus on literacy and numeracy gaps – please do not worry. Continue giving real life skills and enjoy each other’s company. So many of you are juggling work, childcare and keeping on top of your children’s learning. A few of you mentioned that you would prefer paper and pencil activities to get your child ‘off screen’ – totally take that on board. Completing the survey really helps us make decisions about future planning.


Finally. How do you do it? Run homes, feed people, hold down jobs either working from home or you are a key worker (thank you to those who are fighting this virus and keeping us safe!), get all the household chores done, look amazing and remain calm?! I’ve only been home working since Tuesday afternoon and I’m struggling! I go to work to avoid all the hard work at home and I get to spend time with your children all week – best job in the world. I’ve seen lots of funny tweets, etc about parents saying they’re struggling and teachers are great but I think being a parent is the hardest job in the world and this virus has just added supporting teaching to your unending job. It’s sounds empty and false but I remain in awe of you and trust that we will continue to work together. Ultimate Star Award goes to all our parents and carers. Stay safe. Know you are loved. We will continue to work together.

Aileen Mackay, HT (and definitely not a home maker or patient wife/mother)

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