Star Awards for Tomorrow

Normally by now class teachers have a good idea who is deserving of the star award for tomorrow. A wee change in how it will be awarded….parents and carers can nominate their child and dojo their teacher with the reason. Remember it must be related to the school values. Also, the school cleaners nominate a class for the tidiest room of the week so it would be appropriate if you felt your child’s room has been kept tidy or if they are doing a chore well that they get a certificate! Let your teacher know as they have the certificates ready to add in names….

Get thinking….parent survey on how this week has been will come out at the end of today in case there are any other updates I need to share with you.

Aileen Mackay, HT

5 thoughts on “Star Awards for Tomorrow

  1. Gracie has done fantastic work this week and did a amazing job with her class Jacobite project well proud of her work and is working very hard at school assignments


  2. Hi there I’m so sorry it’s late but I want to nominate milly for the star award as she has been so so good at getting on with her homework I have been working lots of night shifts with all that’s going on and milly has been excellent at taking herself off and doing her work and counting without any encouragement not to mention when I woke this afternoon she had tidied her bedroom without even being asked she has shown massive dedication to her schoolwork and it’s not been easy with me working and I know she would be so delighted to be chosen.


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