Bits and Pieces

Help us by completing this survey so that we can make sure the work we set for next term is helpful to you ad your child. One survey per child, if possible so we can see the year groups. If you have a personal query just continue to use Dojo directly with the teacher or to me out with school hours.

Great idea from Maya and her mum – work on the routine together and you’re both more likely to stick to it!

home school 15

Please remember to get your nominations in for tomorrow’s star awards and tidiest bedroom. We’re aiming to have ‘assembly’ at 9.30am and the results of the awards will be sent through classroom around 10am – if internet all good! Send me a photo of your child with award either on the screen or downloaded and I’ll put on the blog around 4pm.

I was expecting a council update to share with you but nothing has come through yet so I will just send on in the morning.

A few parents have been in touch to ask how they can volunteer from home – if there are any jobs that can be done. I’ve emailed the council to see if there is anything wider but in the meantime I’m drawing up a list of things that parents can do to help but you’re doing a fantastic job just keeping your families together!

Thinking of you all,

Aileen Mackay, HT

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