Keep Going!

As day three dawns Smithton staff is wishing everyone well, especially our families, friends and community of Smithton. IT connectivity is intermittent so if you don’t hear back from staff or me immediately please bear with us – it’s the same all over the country for obvious reasons.

I believe there is to be a helpline set up today for any council issue and one of those issues may be education. It will not be a Smithton member of staff that you get so that person will direct you in a few ways:

  • check out school blog and website (website has lots of details and is accessed by the headings above if you are on a laptop or PC or by pressing the three lines if you are using your phone)
  • if it’s a class/work issue, Dojo your child’s teacher
  • it it’s a nursery or whole school issue, email me directly and leave your number for me to call you back if you’d prefer
  • if you are frustrated and struggling at home with the children, contact me directly by email and we can talk it through or one of the Family Team is on stand by too to chat. There’s no shame in being stir crazy – but please talk with someone!

Are you struggling to get your family into a routine? I have a parent who has very kindly offered to support any parent who wants a chat or to get some advice. I can vouch for her as she’s done wonders for her family! Just email me with your contact details and I’ll forward to her.

Keep the photos coming either to me directly or through class Dojo. Nice message from the Browns: Yesterday we felt everything was a bit intense trying yo find a rhythm etc. So we stopped took a minute, built a Fort and had lunch in it. Feeling better today we started with some PE and yoga followed by the online curriculum. Aria read mummy a lovely story about loving who you are and we did some science experiments and read books together we have been dying to read. Hope everyone is safe and remember we are #bettertogether Did Mr Brown get home from Canada?!

home school 10

Missing you all already.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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