Smithton Latest for Next Week

Trying to keep this as short as possible as I appreciate there have been lots of words and communication about the school closures this week. Thank you for your patience.

  • all those entitled to free school meals (that includes all P1-3) can go to Culloden Academy any time between 11am and 2pm to collect a ‘grab and go’ lunch
  • parents who may be classed as keyworkers need to complete this form to allow the council to plan for what will be in place after the Easter holidays – please note that there will not be childcare provision until after Easter (you need to sign up to have an account but it only takes a few minutes)
  • staff will be online 9am – 3pm only. Please use Dojo to message them with any queries and know that you can message any time but a reply will only come between those hours. (They continue to work 35 hours but I have instructed them to only be available between those hours to allow for planning and uploading resources, etc.) I will continue to be on email as usual if you need to contact anyone outwith these hours
  • we don’t want to bombard you with work expectations for your child next week. Take some time to play together, read together, get outside for as long as you can and talk to each other! We totally understand that you may need to be flexible when your child carries out the activities due to childcare or work commitments hence why we are providing grids rather than tasks to be completed on a daily basis. Here is a copy of the grids that we provided last week and, having asked a number of young people, we know that they have been useful but have not all been completed – we suggest that you use them next week, too
  • Smithton Primary Learning Activities
  • spelling grid
  • while we will be experimenting with Google Classroom not every child or parent has access and we also expect parents to oversee the use of the internet with their child
  • if you have limited access to wifi or technology the grid will be on the school front door for information. On Monday 23rd March there will be individual copies of this in the foyer. Please come and pick one up and let us know if you don’t have good wifi access so we can continue to support you over the weeks ahead
  • we expect each parent to communicate first thing daily via dojo with your child’s teacher basically like a register – e.g. send a smiley face emoji. If after three days there has been no communication the teacher will contact me and then I will phone you as our policy states and check in with you
  • there will be a weekly parent survey asking you if the work was ok, too easy, too hard, how things are going, etc. It would be really helpful to us as we plan for further learning and activities if you would complete this each Thursday
  • I will continue to send a blog post daily and keep you up to date

On behalf of the staff I want to thank you so much for your care and concern for us as staff and our families. We are indebted to our partnership which makes Smithton Primary  such a good community. We extend the same good wishes to you all and hope that all stay safe, calm and vigilant.

This has been compiled with Fiona Devlin, Parent Council Chair and Aileen Mackay, HT

2 thoughts on “Smithton Latest for Next Week

  1. Hi thank you all for everything you are doing just now for our children….I tried to download the links but wont work for the spelling and learning


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