Health Update and Closure Tomorrow

Please note that schools are not allowed to put anything other than the following statements if we are to close so apologies if it doesn’t seem friendly in tone.

I know it won’t be updated until tomorrow around 7am but for your information we will be closed again tomorrow. Class teachers should log into Google Classroom and we will have a virtual meeting at 9am to discuss the powerpoint that is under ‘classwork’. I believe there are a few P6 and P7s who have forgotten their Chromebooks and they are in school. I will be here between 9am and 10am should anyone need access. Thereafter I have to go and be HT for the day at another school so I will not be available to staff or parents. (Staff – we will have our virtual meeting 3.15 – 4.45)

The Highland Council, local education authority and Highland Schools are following national government and public health guidance.


For further information please refer to the national guidance:


For school closures in Highland please refer to the schools closures website at

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