Nursery and School Closed Tuesday

Nursery and school will be closed to staff and young people tomorrow, Tuesday 17th March. There is no known case or suspected case of coronavirus but we have multiple staff absences either because they have someone in their households with a temperature and have been advised to distance themselves socially or self isolate or they have other illnesses e.g. diarrhea and vomiting. A number of others were feeling poorly but carried on regardless today. All staff should socially distance themselves tomorrow and plan, prepare and organise for future class learning from home using GLOW or google drive. I will be available for any staff to discuss work issues. Family Team, clerical, FMA should make direct contact with me to plan for work.

Two teaching staff are aiming to be back on Wednesday and I have secured supply staff for Thursday and Friday so I’m hoping that tomorrow is the only day that we will have to be closed.

I can’t update the official channels until 7am tomorrow but wanted to let people know as soon as possible so you can make arrangements. As you can imagine, I haven’t taken this decision lightly and have been in communication with Head of Education.

I believe the links didn’t work (sigh…) on earlier communication for work that your child can do from home so hopefully these links work:

Smithton Primary Learning Activities

spelling grid

I will continue to update via the blog tomorrow. Stay safe and know that staff, pupils and their families are loved and valued.

Aileen Mackay, HT

2 thoughts on “Nursery and School Closed Tuesday

  1. Thank you so much for all your efforts in keeping all the kids and staff safe , think all the kids have done such a great job keeping on top of their hand washing 😊Freya will certainly be doing school work at home and daily activities of walking … and on her trampoline !

    Hope you see everyone back soon and well

    Take care Jill Macpherson

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