Latest Health News

Message from Highland Council:

It is important to note that as a council we are clear that, to reduce the spread of the virus, we are no longer running our services as normal.  Please note that the following steps must be taken:

  1. ALL trips out of school planned for this and next term should be cancelled.  Please negotiate with the trip provider to establish if the booking can be rearranged for next session.
  2. Parents evenings/open afternoons should be cancelled until further notice.
  3. Swimming lessons should be cancelled until further notice.
  4. Any Easter celebration events that were due to take place outwith the school should be cancelled.
  5. Inward visits (e.g. guest speakers or curriculum inserts) should be cancelled until further notice.
  6. School lets outwith the normal school day should be cancelled until further notice.
  7. Urgent Child Plan meetings and Solution Focused Meetings should go ahead.  Non-urgent meetings should be postponed.
  8. Interviews should be arranged by Skype rather than by face to face arrangements.

In effect, the message is that all education should be taking place within the grounds of the school and contact from people from beyond the school should be minimised.

Please see the letter from Donna Manson, Chief Executive to all parents.

letter to parents 16032020

2 thoughts on “Latest Health News

  1. Hi there I’m wondering so what happens to the money we paid for the trip in October?

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    1. Hi there. I’m working with Glencoe Centre and insurance to see what can be done. I’m ever hopeful that if Scotland responds as requested that the ban on travel within Highland could be lifted before August. Staff have already said they would give up a week of their holidays if by some miracle we can go ahead in the holidays. I promise I’m doing all I can to sort out refunds if needed.


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