Fit Minds and Bodies

Fit bodies…

Thanks to all who made yesterday a great day out for all who took part – lots of work by staff behind the scenes to make it all possible so thank you to all of them and a huge thank you to the youngsters who took part for all your enthusiasm.

Although it’s sports relief day on Friday we are going to hold our events next Tuesday, 17th March, as many classes have so much to do on Fridays (assembly, citizenship groups, etc.). If it’s easier to give us your donation on Friday then feel free but we’ll hear more about the activities planned by P6/7 in due course.

Fit minds….read what we’ve been doing: HT learning summary and ELC summary ready on the tabs above.

Lovely to see everyone at parent contact sessions last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you couldn’t make it please remember to approach your child’s teacher to catch up with progress made. Thanks also to the huge response to the social media policy survey – very interesting indeed! we will share with the parent council first and then on the blog here.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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