Happy Mid Term Break!

Message from Fiona Devlin, Chair of Parent Council:

At the Parent Council meeting earlier this month we discussed our support of charities and it was decided that we would choose a few charities to support over the course of the school year.

We agreed that there would be a charity chosen by each of the following;

– School Children

– School Staff

– Smithton Parents

– Smithton Community

Therefore we are inviting Parents to nominate a charity you would like to receive a quarter of the proceeds from a few fundraising events held throughout the year.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Lynne, Sports Coordinator:

sports day

Culloden Primary Cluster Run 7th March 10am – 12pm – Culloden Academy Playing Fields

Please book online – if you are not a High Life member please register as PAYG – no cost. Just complete the HLH membership form and hand it in to any HLH Leisure Centre.

Book online at https://booking.highlifehighland.com

P1        4-6yrs              500m  (Activity Code 2999CULL)

P2/P3   5-8yrs              800m  (Activity Code 3000CULL)

P4/P5   7-10yrs             1200m(Activity Code 3001CULL)

P6/P7   9-12yrs             1600m(Activity Code 3002CULL)

More information on Culloden Active Schools FB page. Contact Lynne Fraser, Active Schools for any further info Mob: 07795825603

star 142

Well done to our star award winners this week –

a terrific display of motivated young people.

Once again I need to thank staff for their creative ways of working this week as we have had a number of staff absences. We wish our colleagues a very speedy recovery and to let them all know they are missed from the Smithton family. A number of our young people have been ill and it’s incredible how, even in a big school and nursery like ours, just one person missing is noticed.

Enjoy family time this weekend and remember that we’re all off for mid term break Monday and Tuesday with the children being off on Wednesday too. Staff will be at Duncan Forbes in the morning working together with our colleagues and back at school for the afternoon.

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