Parent News

Jo Chamberlain, who has worked with us for the last 18 months has had her baby – Eva Victoria 7lb and all well – even dad. We wish them all well as a family.

Parent Council met last night – thanks to all who participated or fed into the meeting. Minutes will be on the website as soon as the group has approved them. Remember if you want to contribute to the positive relationships/anti bullying policy and procedures come to the community room for a focus group with hte PArent Council on Monday 3rd February at 2pm. The same questions will be asked at the meeting that staff and young people were asked. Mr Hardie is collating the information and this will be shared when we can.

The Parent Council have set up an Easy Fundraising account, this is a type of cash back site.

When you shop online, you can raise money for our school, just start at the easy fundraising website and search for the retailer you are going to purchase from on their list of retailers (or Marks & Spencer).

You will then be redirected to the relevant retailer’s own website to continue with your shopping and checkout as you normally would.

In return the retailer will send a small donation to Smithton Primary’s easy fundraising account (you must register and be signed in for this to work).

Click on the link for further info and more articulate instructions on how to use along with the Terms and Conditions etc.

Smithton Primary Parent Council Fundraising Ideas |

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