Last Week in January

Can’t believe we are at the end of January 2020. While it has been mild, we are waiting this week for the snow to fall. Please remember to check your phones for a blog post if school will be closed. We really try to keep the school open to keep up with routines for everyone but we are also conscious that paths and roads can be very different up the hill to around the school. If you think it’s too risky for your child to come to school then this is your decision and the absence will be marked as that and not unauthorised. Hopefully it will just blow away and not come near us…

A number of children (and adults) can have broken sleep and we’re always looking for ideas and tips. One of our families went to a health food shop in town and an assistant suggested cherry juice! not only is it researched based, it actually works….any other tips to share?

For those of us who were at the opening on Saturday, thank you for contributing to a lovely afternoon catching up with people from years ago as well as new people who have moved into the area. We reckon there were about 400 people in total over the two hours.

Nicky doesn’t have any traditional music online but here’s a link to some of his other work.

Refreshments remained ‘on tap’ thanks to Miss Nicol in the kitchen, the photos from way back were a big hit and will remain in the foyer for another week.  The outdoor area saw clay work as well as den building – all great fun. The Citrus Scene finished off the afternoon. You can stream the EP ‘Ready When You Are’ in all the usual ways and they next play at The Ironworks 28th February.

Thanks to Holly Ross, Innes in the nursery’s mum, for being our photographer. I’ll post the rest that she has sent to me this week but here’s a few.

If you didn’t have time to complete the survey or didn’t see the people with the tablets there is still time to complete it – click here

Have a good week!

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