Lots of Learning Opportunities

Primary 1 are in very safe hands now that Molly and Scarlett have completed their First Aid training at Rainbows and are now part of the ‘Safe Squad’!

They were bandaging up some hurt teddies and putting plasters on their ‘cuts’ and were putting them on people as well.  They had a go at using the Doctors kit (stethoscope to hear people’s hearts, a thing to look in people’s ears, temperature to check if they were hot or cold) and gave the teddies some medicine to make them feel better.first aid

Ryan the basketball coach has combined the Smithton Dream Team with players from Croy and Balloch. They had a ‘ball’ (get it??) yesterday at their draft and skills challenges. The team was excellent with amazing skills on show. Looking forward to continuing with training and the tournament.


Star Award winners today! A huge thank you to P3 with Mr Speakman and Mrs Carson’s class who reminded us about resilience and how we can stand strong.

star 24 Jan

Don’t forget if you can pop into school tomorrow afternoon to join us to listen to the Sing and Sign group, we have Nicky Murray and partner playing for our ceilidh dances and hot off the press – we have The Citrus Scene closing at 3.30pm! (Aiden, lead singer is an ex pupil.)

invitation jan


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